We have been operating in Miami since 1986 providing unrivaled service in tour and charter operations.
As a charter company, we have an impressive fleet of luxurious Neoplan and Setra buses, safe and reliable. These charters are good for groups requiring transportation to special events or attractions near or far.
Our relationship with events and attractions in Miami allows you the convenience of purchasing tickets through us as well. Some packages offer such tickets along with transportation for very affordable prices.
As a tour company we offer daily tours as Miami City Tour in 7 languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian and Portuguese); Day excursion to Key West and The Everglades; As well as combination packages with great add-on experiences such as boat cruise and snorkeling.
Over thousand people rely on us every year on our tours and also to get information about what excursions to do in Miami.

Please let us know how we can work together to enhance the experiences of Miami’s visitors, residents, friends and companies!

Your Team of
Travellersclub Miami